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why you should support a small business during this global pandemic

as we all know, covid- 19 has slowed down a lot of the usual activities of day to day life. we are told to practice social distancing, so malls, stadiums, even parks have been closed down. and while the malls, stadiums, and big businesses are losing money, they will still be there after this pandemic, you cannot say the same for small businesses. people who run small businesses use the funds to pay their bills, to feed themselves and their kids, to put gas in their cars etc. with covid-19 going around, small businesses are suffering: orders are low, getting supplies is taking weeks instead of days, and funds are running out. companies like nike, kylie cosmetics, apple, and mac cosmetics WILL survive this pandemic, i promise you. they don't need your money as much as a local shop or business does. shop local and support small businesses who actually need the money and support during this time!
you cannot catch covid-19 from a package, it's lifecycle isn't long enough to survive a trip through the mail, although be sure to practice safe sanitization, hand washing, and social distancing! people who run small businesses put a lot of love into their products, most using ingredients that are better for you in the long run. i've come across a number of small cosmetics businesses who use all natural and organic ingredients, myself being one, while bigger companies are loading their products up with chemicals that we cannot even pronounce. i know in this time, a lot of us are doing all of our shopping online, so my task to you is to support a small business today! even if it's only one time or only $5, you're making more of a difference than you know. i've shopped with a small business today, have you?
in this time and always, badgal cosmetics wishes you safety and prosperity!

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